1. Spear - Pelaj S/bok 7.5mm 1.8m 3 notch
  2. Shaft - Springbok 7.5mm - 3 Notch

    RRP: $90.00 (AUD)

    SPPESH751331.3M - 3N
    SPPESH751431.4M - 3N
    SPPESH751531.5M - 3N
    SPPESH751631.6M - 3N
    SPPESH751731.7M - 3N
    SPPESH751831.8M - 3N
    SPPESH751931.9M - 3N
    SPPESH752032.0M - 3N
    SPPESH752132.1M - 3N
    SPPESH752232.2M - 3N

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Product Info:

Tahitian style spear to suit universal mechanisms (eg - Rob Allen, Pelaj, Omer, Picasso, Rabbitech, Cressi etc.).

Made from spring steel and drawn to 1950 Mpa.

Features Rhinoplate coating by Toyota for superior corrosion resistance.

7.5mm diameter with 3 loading notches.
1.3m (to suit 0.9m gun)
1.4m (to suit 1.0m gun)
1.5m (to suit 1.1m gun)
1.6m (to suit 1.2m gun)
1.7m (to suit 1.3m gun)
1.8m (to suit 1.4m gun)
1.9m (to suit 1.5m gun)
2.0m (to suit 1.6m gun)

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