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A major international event that, since its inception in 1999, has done more to highlight the adventure and excitement inherent in diving than any other show. OZTek - the Australian Diving Technologies Conference and Exhibition - continues to play a key role in creating broad awareness of new techniques and technologies which transform and push back the boundaries of underwater knowledge.

Produced by Divers for Divers and Exhibitors, the OZTek Conference and Dive Exhibition offers unique insights into the entire world of underwater adventure by encouraging a better understanding of all diving has to offer.

Oztek will be held at Sydney's iconic Australian Technologies Park; Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th March.

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iDive REB

Designed to adapt to any type of dive and every Rebreather. The iDive Reb is the worlds first watch
sized computer with user settable gradient factor, in order to adapt to every rebreather.
- Multiple OC and CCR Mode - For all types of open circuit and closed circuit Rebreather diving.
Air, Nitrox, Trimix, CCR and Gauge modes. Gas switching is available with up to eight user
definable mixes.
- Real-Time Algorithm
- Repetitive and Reverse Profiles
- OS always updated
- DiveCloud and App Centre
- Ready for Anything
- Rechargeable Battery


In a world full of compromise, we escape by
visiting the one place that doesn’t: the ocean.
Yet when we get there, we are forced to
compromise. Not any more…

Designed, built and tested to perform in all conditions,
the POSEIDON SE7EN is the next generation rebreather.
Safety, performance, ease of use and desirability are
combined to enable divers of all abilities to experience
the underwater world without compromise.
Whether you want to get closer to marine life, spend much
more time underwater, dive deeper or simply enjoy the
bubble-free silence, the POSEIDON SE7EN is the smartest,
fastest, safest way to dive.

– one day, all rebreathers will be like it.

NOTE: Does not include cylinders, lungs or accessories.


JAWS Quick Spit Anti-Fog Spray
Now the worlds most recognized antifog comes in a spray! Quick spit spray works on anything that fogs, including dive masks, swim goggles, paintball masks, sport goggles, safety goggles, ski goggles, eye wear, windows, binoculars, scopes & more. Apply wet or dry - Quick spit is made with the same ingredients as spit gel, giving the high performance of a gel in a convenient spray formula. Over 200 pumps per bottle! Quick spit... the most recognized name in antifog... the spray that works!

ECO friendly, non-toxic formula
Long lasting spray formula
200+ pumps per bottle
Natural and biodegradable
Works on glass and plastic
Use for wet or dry applications

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